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Can You Take Crochet Hooks On A Plane?

Can You Take Crochet Hooks On A Plane?


As an Australian domestic Flight Attendant and crocheter, I am constantly being asked whether or not crochet hooks and accessories can be taken on an aircraft. I thought it was about time I clarified this once and for all!

The short answer is YES! You can take crochet hooks of all types in your carry on luggage, domestically within Australia. However, certain accessories cannot be taken on board.

Here's what's ALLOWED:

  • Crochet hooks and knitting needles of any sort (aluminium, bamboo, plastic etc..)

  • Stitch Markers of any sort.

  • Thread Cutters or alternatives (Clover Thread Cutter Pendant, nail clippers, dental floss cutter)

  • Darning needles, or any type of sewing needles for that matter.

  • Scissors with rounded tip and blade size under 6cm. (Personally I wouldn't risk taking scissors of any sort if you don't want to lose them)


  • Pointed Scissors longer than 6cm - If your scissors have a pointed tip with a blade longer than 6cm, they ARE NOT permitted for travel in the cabin. Having said this, I would not risk taking scissors of any type, as judgement on whether or not they are pointed and over 6cm in length can be up to the discretion of security officers. If you don't want to lose your scissors at the security screening area, I strongly suggest you invest in a thread cutter or one of the above alternatives.

Contrary to popular belief, what can and cannot be taken on board an aircraft is not decided by the airline itself, but by security. This means no matter what airline you fly with domestically in Australia, the rules should be the same across the board.

Speaking from experience I have never had any issues travelling with the above allowed items in my carry on luggage (with the exception of scissors as I don't own round ended scissors), and those of you who follow me on social media will know I take my crochet absolutely EVERYWHERE with me.

These guidelines are subject to change at any time. If you are ever in doubt I strongly suggest you look up your airlines carry on luggage guidelines online. I have included some links below which you may find useful.

Carry On Guidelines:

Virgin Australia


Tiger Air


This post has been written for travel on Australian Domestic Airlines only. Rules may vary for travel on International airlines. Please refer to your airlines carry on luggage guidelines for further information.

Checked In Luggage

The above information covers what can and cannot be taken in carry on luggage only. All items including pointed scissors CAN be taken in your checked baggage (bag that goes into the cargo hold). If you can't bare to part with your favourite scissors while travelling, simply remember to put them in your checked in baggage. EASY!

Safe travels, and happy crocheting!

Kate x

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