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Clover Crochet Hooks VS. $12 Ebay Hooks!

Clover Crochet Hooks VS. $12 Ebay Hooks!


Disclaimer - Please use whichever hooks suit you and your budget! This post is purely my opinion, and may not apply to everybody.

Let’s jump in!...

When I first started crocheting, I thought all hooks were the same. After using the same old hook my mum gave me to practice with for years, I decided it was time I bought myself my very own set of hooks! Being quite young, my hook budget was small. So, I jumped on eBay to find the cheapest hook set I could. This is what I found...

Screen Shot 2019-07-24 at 12.07.28 am.png

At first glance they looked great! Rubber handle, aluminium shaft, $12 (for the whole set), free postage and they came with a case! What more could you want, right?

I used these hooks for years! And I actually still have them in my collection today. Almost immediately I started to notice my hands getting extremely sore, even after crocheting for just a short period of time. This was when I had only just started crocheting more frequently (most days), so knew no different and thought it was just the norm. After a little while the rubber handles began to slide off the hook, but I’d just push them down and continue on. Again, thinking it must be normal since they were getting a workout after all. 

After years of sore hands and constantly pushing my handle back down my mum purchased herself a Clover Soft Touch Hook. She had never used one before, but thought she’d see what all the fuss was about. She was amazed! And made me give it a go...

 It was like getting into a Ferrari after driving a Hyundai Excel all your life (don’t get me wrong, Hyundai’s are great cars. I actually drive an Accent myself), it was life changing!! The yarn just slid over the hook with no effort at all, the tip of the hook was the perfect roundness and didn’t split the yarn, the handle was easy to hold, didn’t slide off and didn’t require a tight grip like my EBay hooks, I could actually crochet faster because everything just became so graceful and easy! The list goes on. It didn’t take long before I ordered my very own clover hook. I went with a Clover Amour Hook because I liked the colourful handle and it did not disappoint! I noticed the pain in my hands disappear instantly! It was magical. 

Now, you may be reading this thinking, ‘This girl is a nutcase. How excited can one get over a hook?!’. My response to that is, ‘Have you ever used a Clover Hook?’. I think everyone who has would 100% understand my enthusiasm when it comes to these divine hooks. 

I could sit here and praise these hooks all day long, but I won’t, because that would make for a really long and boring blog post. All I can say is this - if you haven’t already, do yourself, your hands, and your projects a favour and get yourself a Clover Hook! To avoid imitations when shopping for Clover Hooks remember they will always have the word ‘Clover’ printed on the handle. This is how you know they are genuine clover hooks! There are lots of imitations out there so be sure to shop from a reputable retailer when purchasing.

You can purchase Clover Amour Hooks for just $10, plus only $4 standard shipping Australia wide, from my online shop by clicking here.

You will not be disappointed!

Happy crocheting,

Kate x

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