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Deer O' Deer Graphghan

Deer O' Deer Graphghan


And just like that its December!! Where has the year gone? Is it just me, or does time seem to go faster and faster the older you get? I remember when I was little it seemed like Christmas took forever to come around each year! 

To celebrate the festive season I've come up with a fun graphghan for you guys! I worked out, if you complete 4 rows a day (starting today), you'll have yours done in time for Christmas. Piece of (Christmas) cake, right?! 

This graphghan is intended to be completed in the C2C (corner to corner) stitch. If my calculations are correct, the finished product should measure approximately 51" x 64", when using a 10 ply (worsted weight) yarn. If you're using an 8 ply (double knitting weight), or would simply like to make a bigger blanket, try adding a few extra rows on all sides in your background colour :) Easy as!

I have created two versions of this graph - One in the colours I plan on making it in (green, beige and red), and one in black and white so you can create your own colour combo!

Tip: When following a graph, I always find it easier to print it out and highlight each row as I go.

Need help following a graph? Check out my YouTube tutorial HERE.

Click the links below to download the printable PDF's.


Download Black and White PDF

Merry Christmas, and happy crocheting!

Kate x

Graph created using stitchfiddle.com

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