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Props I Used To Set Up My Market Stall

Props I Used To Set Up My Market Stall

Hi everyone!

As some of you may already know, I recently held my VERY FIRST market stall!! WOOOOOHOOOO!! I can finally tick it off my bucket list!

In this post I’m going to take you through all the props I used for my market stall setup, and best of all of these products can be found in Australia! Hallelujah! If you’re not from Australia, never fear! I’m certain these products, or products very similar to these can be found in a store near you too!

So, in no particular order let’s get into it!

Square Card Reader

My Square Card Reader is my new favourite toy! It allows me to easily accept card payments at markets, craft fairs, the beach, the supermarket, the gym, work… you get the point - ANYWHERE! Carry it in your handbag and always be ready to make a sale! It plugs easily into your phone or iPad and takes just minutes (if that) to set up! All you need to do is sign up for a Square account, and purchase your reader! I purchased mine directly through Square, but if you’re in Australia, you can also purchase these from Officeworks. There are a few different readers to choose from, depending on your needs, but this basic model cost just $19 AUD!

Metal Baskets With ‘Chalk Board’

I absolutely LOVE these baskets. I have a feeling they were designed especially for market stalls and craft fairs! These baskets are made from metal, and have a metal placard on the front where you can write, well… ANYTHING! I used a chalk board marker to write the names of the products I was displaying in them, but you could write prices on there too! I used them to display beanies, tea towels and headbands, but you could use them for just about anything. They measure 30cm x 20cm x 15cm, so are great for displaying smaller items in bulk. You can find these at Kmart for just $4 each! Also Available online!

Screen Shot 2019-08-01 at 11.53.18 am.png

Mini Chalk Boards

I used these mini chalk boards to display prices. I bought them in packs of 4 for about $3 per pack from my local $2 shop, but you could also find these in craft stores or at Kmart! Although they did the job, as I was at an outdoor market I found they were constantly falling over every time there was a little wind. I recommend blue tacking or taping them to your table if you’re doing an outdoor market. If you’re indoors they would work a treat, with no securing required! Click the images below to find them online.


In my opinion, a banner or some kind of branding is an absolute must have when it comes to setting up your market stall. You want passers by to know exactly who you are, and what you sell/ have to offer. Otherwise, they are likely to walk straight past you without even turning an eye. I got my amazing banner from Vistaprint! Mine is a Vinyl Banner, measuring 52cm x 91cm (the smallest size). It has an eyelet in each corner, which makes hanging a breeze, and it is made from outdoor (weather proof) material, so you can hang it rain, hail or shine! I purchased this particular banner for approximately $30 AUD, but prices will vary depending on your specifications. Click here to go to the Vistaprint website.

Business Cards

Business cards are another must have when it comes to craft fairs and markets. Even though a customer may not purchase anything from you on market day, they may like to take a business card for future reference. I also put a business card in every bag when someone makes a purchase. That way they can keep it for future reference, or pass it onto a friend or family member who may compliment or ask about their new purchase. My business cards are from Vistaprint! I paid around $13 AUD for 250 business cards - what a steal! Vista Print allow you to upload your own business card design, or you can use one of their templates. There are hundreds to choose from! Click here to start designing yours.

Crochet Face Scrubbie Holder

I was originally going to throw all my scrubbies in a basket, which wasn’t ideal, but I just couldn’t think of another way to display them . Then I came across this little gem from Kmart! It’s actually a cutlery drawer insert, but as soon as I saw it, my mind immediately went to face scrubbie holder! It is the perfect width for face scrubbies, and comes in two different sizes. I used the smaller one, which is 23cm long, but you can get also get one that is 38cm long. Click here to shop online.


When deciding how I would package purchases for my customers, I knew I wanted to stay away from plastic. I found these paper bags at my local $2 shop. They’re just a few dollars for a pack of 4, and come in a range of different sizes. Best of all, because they’re paper, I could stamp my logo directly onto them!

Screen Shot 2019-08-11 at 10.04.32 pm.png


As mentioned above, I used a stamp to brand my bags. I had my stamp made by a local business called ‘Signature Design Printing And Engraving’. This small stamp cost me just $10! Now, prices may have changed a little since then but I’m sure they’re still great value! You can find their Facebook page by clicking here. Otherwise, I’m sure you can find similar businesses in your area.


If you sell wearables I highly recommend taking a mirror, and sitting it on your market table. If you sell larger pieces such as cardigans, jumpers, etc, i would even recommend taking a full length mirror. I was so happy I decided to take a mirror, because people want to be able to try your items on. They’re not going to buy something if they’re not even sure it suits them. I got this little mirror from Kmart, for just $10! Not available online, but if want to see what I’m talking about click here.

Letter Board

I used this letter board from Kmart to promote my social media accounts at my market, but you could use them for absolutely anything! I have seen people use them to display pricing, which also looks super cute. I think the letter board looks polished and professional, compared to a sign you may draw up or print out at home. They are so easy to use and come with heaps of letters and symbols. You can also purchase more letters if you need to. Click here to see the exact one I used.

Table Cloth

I decided to purchase a white fitted table cloth for my market. I think white gives your table a nice fresh look, and makes your products stand out. Having said this, you could use any colour you like, depending on your brand and colour scheme. This particular tables cloth is full length on all sides with pleated corners, which allows you to lift the table cloth up, so you can store extra stock/ supplies underneath. This helps to keep your space neat, tidy and organised! I purchased my table cloth from Luna Wedding And Event Supplies online for around $22 plus shipping.

Metal Sphere

When deciding how I was going to display my Dear Debbie Beanies and Twist Headbands, I wanted to use something other than your typical mannequin head. As I was shopping for supplies at Kmart, I spotted these Metal Spheres. They’re about the size of an adult head, but also come in smaller sizes if you want to display baby beanies or headbands! They’re available at Kmart, or online here.

Sew On Tags

I’m so glad I decided to get myself some sew on tags, to add to my finished products. They just give that little extra something and make your products look finished and professional! I bought these beauties from Little Laser Co. They are an Australian small business and I couldn’t recommend them enough! I only decided about 2 weeks before my market, that i wanted to get some sew on tags. They were able to have my order ready within a week, which allowed me plenty of time to attach them before my market. These are the cork tags, but they also offer a range of different finishes including wood and leather! You can check them out at littlelaserco.com.

Washing Instruction Tags

I came across these adorable printable washing instruction tags on Etsy! They’re perfect for attaching to your finished pieces, and will save you loads of time. All you have to do is print them out using card stock, and circle the options that are relevant to your product! I love this because it means I don’t have to print individual tags for every single piece. These tags are by The Knotty Boss, and you can purchase them on Etsy by clicking here.

If you’d prefer to watch a video on everything I’ve mentioned above, please feel free to watch the video below!

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